Letter of recommendation from
Miss Anita Young, former faculty at The Royal Ballet School, U.K.
“I first had the immense pleasure of meeting Miss Miho Tsurutani back in 2010, when we both were attending a Cecchetti Summer School in Chichester, England.

I was on the teaching faculty: Miho was preparing to take the Enrico Cecchetti Diploma Examination, which holds the highest accolade, from the Cecchetti Society, for a Dancer/Teacher.

As expected Miho passed the examination with ‘Distinction’; A very well deserved result!

I was so impressed by Miho’s passion, deep knowledge and love of the art form. I knew, as an experienced teacher, that she would emphasise on the ‘Development of the Person/Artist, rather than only the technical aspect.

In 2019, I was honoured to be invited by Miho, to teach at her Summer School in Tokyo: This was very successful.

If I were a young student, studying ballet today, I would embrace Miho’s teaching, because She is of the highest standards and work ethic. ‘A Jewel of Japan’.

I wish her continuing success, and I have ‘No Hesitation’ in highly recommending her school: ‘The Ballet Garden, Tokyo Japan’”
Anita Young MBE,
FISTD, ARAD, Honorary member BBO